not allsushi is raw

The word sushi is often associated with raw fish. But sushi originated in early Japanese cuisine and included the specially seasoned rice, shari, in combination with vegetables and both cooked or raw seafood. Some sushi is wrapped in edible seaweed and some have sauces or seasonings. Wisconsin Sushi has developed special recipes to make their sushi outstanding, including spicy mayonnaise, sweet chili sauce and peanut sauce, to name a few. And you'll almost always find wasabi and fresh ginger in the box. The combinations are endless.

hosomaki Sushi

sushi with ingredients wrapped in nori


edible seaweed, eaten fresh or dried in sheets as show here

shari or

rice used in sushi; typically mixed with a blend of vinegar, sugar and a little salt

example of maki, nori and shari
example of  maki

maki Sushi

sushi with ingredients wrapped in rice

example of nigiri

Nigiri Sushi

sushi with a slice of raw fish over pressed shari

example of inari

inari Sushi

ingredients are contained in a soybean curd pocket, and seasoned with lightly sweetened soy sauce

it tastessooo good!

Sushi can be packed with protein and omega-3s. For the ultimate guilt-free treat, choose brown rice, hosomaki, salmon and avacado and cucumber.


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